A comfort zone is the most dangerous area anyone can stay in.

I began training with Dennys in April for my September wedding. My hope was to lose a few inches and pounds before the big day and I am happy to say my results have been above and beyond my expectations! I have lost several inches, and 14 lbs! Beyond that, I feel very toned and strong and my overall health and energy level has drastically improved. an end goal of my wedding in mind; but I honestly would like to now incorporate training into my life as a consistent practice. I feel strong, happy and confident.
— Margaret Cereol

In just five short months, he has not only helped me lose 27 pounds (and counting) but also he has helped me enjoy working out. His combination of encouragement, praise, and humor during our sessions has motivated me to push myself far beyond my perceived capabilities.
— Melissa Berkowitz

The word trainer does not describe Dennys fully enough. He is also a motivator and one of the kindest and giving people I know. In the almost 3 months I have trained with him, I have lost a pant size, started to tone and overall feel better about myself. I would and have highly recommended Dennys to friends and family and none have been disappointed. If you want real results, this is your guy.
— Eunice Ortiz
After working with Dennys the past couple of months, I’ve never felt stronger and have never been in better shape! His dedicated attention to making sure my form is correct has helped me while training with him as well as other classes I’ve taken. I can’t wait to continue training with him so I can be in the best shape possible! Thanks Dennys!
— Alyssa Benson
I struggled to get into a consistent fitness routine until I started taking classes with Dennys. His passion, energy and ability to connect with his clients creates for a lively atmosphere focused on hard work and personal development. The confidence Dennys has in me is contagious - he is constantly challenging me and motivating me to push myself further. Dennys prioritizes safety and takes the time to highlight proper form; he is attentive and knowledgeable, offering alternative movements for all fitness levels. I could not ask for a better inspiration and ally on my fitness journey.
— Stephanie DeVito
I have been training with Dennys for over two years now, both in group classes and 1:1 sessions - before and after having a baby. His focus on form, movement and overall progress each week is something that I truly value. When I told him that I was pregnant (very early on), he immediately helped me modify and always kept a close eye on me during class. He is someone that I trust as a trainer and friend, and I know he always has his clients safety and best interests at heart. He has played an even larger role in my postnatal fitness journey, helping me feel stronger than ever especially as a new mom. He has an infectious personality and passion for fitness that makes the time you spend with him a wonderful experience. As soon as you meet Dennys, it’s easy to see that he is much more than a trainer - he is a kind, funny, and genuine human who gives 100% in everything he does. In addition to having a blast while working out, I see results quickly and continue to learn and grow in my personal fitness journey with a great motivator by my side.
— Samantha Levinson
Dennys is an exceptional personal trainer and one that can truly adapt to the needs of his clients. From the time you walk in the door, he’s fully focused on you and helping you improve day by day. I came to Dennys after suffering a rare injury where my muscle tissue broke down and I lost a significant amount of strength in my arm. Not only was I physically weak but the mental hurdle of getting over an injury was arguably the bigger challenge. During my sessions with Dennys, he was incredibly focused on fixing the issue at hand, but also ensuring the rest of my body (including my mind) was getting stronger in the process. There were many times Dennys would push me to pick up a heavier weight or know when I was mentally being lazy or scared and would push me harder. Safety was always a top priority. My confidence in the gym but also in my personal life grew tenfold. I would HIGHLY recommend Dennys to anyone looking for a personal trainer. His professionalism coupled with his great personality makes every sweaty and grueling session so much fun and challenging.
— Erin Flynn